Натали Портман рассказала о неравных условиях труда в Голливуде

The topic of sexism in Hollywood raised more than once. Many Actresses have repeatedly complained about the difference in fees, for the same film get they and their male colleagues.

Another star who spoke about unequal conditions of labour, was Natalie Portman.

In an interview with reporters Marie Claire, the pregnant actress said that Actresses are more likely to pay attention to the object of desire, rather than a talented person: “so We often become just a banal object of sexual desire, which is our professional quality already not paying attention.”

Example of unequal working conditions was the film “More than sex”, in which Portman starred Ashton Kutcher.

According to the actress, she got paid three times less than Hollywood hottie: “Zand the shooting in the movie “no strings attached” Ashton Kutcher paid three times more than me. I knew about this and agreed to these terms, because in Hollywood, there are things that leave out of the equation. Since the salary of Ashton was three times greater than mine, the producers said and try it needs three times more. But I was not as upset as I should have. I mean that we still pay a lot, complain. But inequality is crazy.”

By the way, the issue of discrimination in Hollywood a couple of months ago was supported by his wife Ashton Mila kunis. On the website APlus husband she published a letter in which told about how she was threatened with a deprivation of work due to the failure to appear Nude for the gloss: “You will never find work in this town,” answered the producer of one film in which I played a role in my rejection of candid shots for a men’s magazine. I don’t want to force yourself to make compromises that are contrary to my interests and desires. “I no longer get a job in this town?” I was furious, angry at injustice and partiality, but for the first time in my career have said a resounding “no”. And you know what? The world did not end. The movie was great training, and I got a job in this town again, and then again, and again.”