Сильвестр Сталлоне обиделся на Кейси Аффлека на «Золотом глобусе»

The Hollywood “Rambo” Sylvester Stallone was a sensitive man and during this last weekend of the awards ceremony “Golden globe” also made enemies. This evening three daughters septuagenarian actor won the right to hand out awards to the winners. Despite the fact that the family came fully assembled in the hall Stallone was not visible – as it turned out, with the participation of their children in the ceremony he watched from behind the scenes, because in the hall.. he had no place.

Eyewitnesses claim that Sylvester’s wife Jennifer flavin approached the table where were already sitting , Matt Damon, Kenneth Lonergan and Casey Affleck, but to sit down they failed, because there was only one free chair, and the rest of the company was not going to give way to newcomers. When the table is Sylvester with his wife departed, hiding his disappointment. All show the couple stayed behind the scenes, did not try to sit on designated seats. Too late, said the insiders, Casey, who won the award for “Best actor” in the film “Manchester by the sea”, came to the United States to clarify the situation and to apologize, but Rambo did not accept his apology.
Representative Sylvester did not comment on the incident, saying only that Stallone had a wonderful evening with family and friends, and representative Casey and does not respond to the question.