Новый логотип Burberry, "космическая" Милла Йовович и перемены в Vogue: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе

Milla Jovovich

Last week everyone talked about Gigi Hadid in the image of the zombie rabbit, the most stylish people and another scandal in the fashion business associated with the abuse of models. What else is going on in the industry — read our digest.

1.From Burberry a new logo

The changes promised Riccardo Tisci, continue to pour in for one of the most traditional British fashion houses. This time changes have been made to the logo of the brand. Recognizable horseman rode away in an unknown direction. The artist Peter Saville, who, incidentally, painted the cover of the album band Joy Division, created a modern interpretation of a classical cage Burberry, which wove a capital letter of the name of the brand. Work with fashion brands for Savills is also not new. He has worked with Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto and Calvin Klein.

2. Emily Ratzkowski starred in underwear from DKNY

27-year-old model, who this week graced us with the transformation into Jackie Kennedy, returned to his familiar role of languid semi-Nude beauty in the new company DKNY. Emily presented a collection of underwear, which included how minimalist comfortable white kits and more sensual lace models.

3.Changes in American Vogue

The rumors that Anna Wintour will leave the post of editor-in-chief, still not confirmed, but a historical event nonetheless coming. The author of the September cover of the magazine, where you’ll find Beyonce, was the 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell. According to rumors, the singer was granted full creative freedom, and that she asked Mitchell. The young man will be the first black photographer who has got the right to shoot the cover of perhaps the most reputable fashion publications in the world. However, despite her young age, in the industry Tyler is not new. After studying at Tisch School of the Arts at new York University, he worked with Marc Jacob, Givenchy, and Teen Vogue.

Новый логотип Burberry, "космическая" Милла Йовович и перемены в Vogue: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе Tyler MitchellНовый логотип Burberry, "космическая" Милла Йовович и перемены в Vogue: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе Beyonce

4. Milla Jovovich in “the space” campaign for Balmain

42-year-old Hollywood actress became the face of the French brand and is featured in the autumn-winter campaign. The shots connected space and aesthetics of the industrial style. Milla posing in different outfits, which include sparkly dresses and shimmering pink suit, against the raw grey walls of an abandoned building. In the scenery whether alien invasion, or Apocalypse actress to be not the first time — Jovovich became famous primarily for his roles in the films “the Fifth element” and “Resident evil”.

5. A new collaboration between Zara and Stephen Masele

In their autumn / winter campaign Spanish brand once again decided to forget about that relates to the mass-market. The author of the campaign again became legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel, who has worked with Zara over the autumn-winter campaign last year. Instead of minimalistic images turned out to be true fine art photographs that transports us into the world of Bohemia. The model, which turned out to be Meghan Collison, lexi Bolling, Chris Griceite, Carolyn Walter, faye faye pose in front of the richly decorated interiors, the collection obviously inspired by fashion of the 70-ies and 80-ies: there are a lot of long dresses with prints, kerchiefs, footwear on a platform and chunky jewelry.

6.Gigi Hadid, Adwoa of AAA and Abbey Lee Kershaw in the new campaign of Fendi

Italian brand has introduced a new campaign, faces of which were Gigi Hadid, Adwoa of AAA and Abbey Lee Kershaw. On the entourage of a long thought — decoration became a shop. Well, the attention here is, of course, confined to the models and the clothes and accessories which they present. Central to the collection were a coffee-brown shades and logo Fendi.

Новый логотип Burberry, "космическая" Милла Йовович и перемены в Vogue: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе Gigi Hadid