Мода в Instagram: 7 летних трендов от fashion-блогеров, которые нужно успеть повторить

Summer is coming to an end, and so we can sum up the season. What kind of things appeared in Instagram is often worn by all the influential fashion-bloggers and that it is necessary to have time to try before the end of warm days? SPLETNIK.RU collected the most popular images.

1.Woven bags

This accessory, which once brought into fashion Jane Birkin, firmly held their positions several seasons in a row. This summer when especially popular was the rustic style, bags come at an opportune moment. To underestimate them for a very simple appearance is long gone beyond bulk bags for a trip to the beach. Special demand was a neat round model after the release of the Duchess of Sussex their attention fashionista drew and woven clutches.

However, anyone who feels sympathy for these bags, you should hurry to have time to walk favorite accessory last. To replace the bags-baskets already there is a new trend and, apparently, soon Instagram will fill bags, woven of multicolored beads.

2.Straw hats

Without a hat on hot days just not enough, and a straw hat has become a versatile accessory. She comes to romantic dresses and sets in casual style with jeans. Elegant hat clearly able to decorate the way more than a sporty baseball cap or a simple hat. And designer Simon Port of Jammu is heavily fueled interest in the straw hats that have become a characteristic part of his collections. The pictures in the giant wide-brimmed hat from French brand this summer appeared Ratzkowski and Emily, and Bella Hadid, and the bride even prefer it instead of veil.

3.Swimsuits with high cut on the thigh

This model proved to be a faithful ally of fashionistas who decided to celebrate this summer with another integramouse trend, namely the “stem Barbie”. For posing these swimsuits are essential, as visually make the legs longer, and generally allow you to accentuate the figure. No wonder these models are in demand in the 80 years among fans of aerobics. However, some ladies exaggerate this trend, bringing it to the shifting boundaries of decency. But even if to discourage Emily Ratzkowski the title of the most blatant you are not going, do not immediately close in front of this trend doors of your closet.

A definite plus of fashion for a certain model, and on the particular cut, that chances to find any style a lot more. Bloggers were willing and one piece swimsuits, and bikinis.

4.Separate kits in the same style

Creative combination is clearly not included in the program of summer fashion games this year, but clothing sets, made of the same material, was chosen by many influential bloggers. For the rest of the sea is perfect mini-tops in the form of a top from a bikini and shorts, and for the city crop tops and long loose pants. If you choose low-key colors, like gray-brown cells, or thin strips on a light background, and crop tops to replace light jackets with odor, will be an agreement with the office dress code.

5.Dresses with floral print

Feminine style definitely took precedence over all the trends this summer. And it is quite logical — the pendulum of fashion is swinging all the time, and after another deliberately careless things, like jackets with mens shoulder and sports shoes, everything is back to gentle colours and graceful silhouettes. Variations how to adapt the trend to suit your mood and style, too many. Lovers of bolder images feel free to choose a mini dress, if you add the cuts and the neckline will be more sexy way, but fans of the eternal elegance of waiting for long fitted dresses in a Provencal style.

6.Open shoulders

This style is supported on femininity this season, adding more and some pikatnost. Outfits with bare shoulders this season chose and celebrities, but fashion bloggers are not far behind. Open the shoulders and look good on dresses, and on a more minimalistic plain tops that can be worn with pants or jeans in the city. Those who to the seas never got this style, and will make it possible to achieve an even tan in the chest area.

7.Transparent dresses and skirts

Summer style has always been associated ease, which is reflected in the cut and choice of materials. Weightless translucent fabric help to create a delicate and graceful image. To go to this in the city is too bold, but access to the pool exactly, you can make spectacular, choosing instead shawls or capes, for example, a transparent tunic with a belt.

And what you wore most often this summer?