The network got correspondence heard complaints Depp

В сеть попала переписка Херд с жалобами на Деппа

According to reports, the actor was beating his wife for two years.

Every day divorce johnny Depp and amber heard is cluttered with new and new details, and, unfortunately, quite hard-hitting. Recently it became clear that the cause of the couple’s split was not a typical excuse of “not get along”, and the fact that the actor had beaten his young wife.

The public was shocked: the once family-oriented, father of two children – and suddenly home a tyrant? Friends and colleagues of the actor stood by him as he could, even ex-wife Vanessa Paradis, with whom Depp has lived for 15 years, said that all the charges heard is a blatant lie: “In all the years that I knew johnny, he never engaged in physical abuse. That looks nothing like a man with whom I lived for 14 wonderful years”, – stated in the official letter Paradi site TMZ.

But amber heard says the opposite. Moreover, the young actress admitted that Depp beat her regularly! For the past two years! And that is supposedly irrefutable evidence.

In a publication ET Online was personal correspondence 2014 between amber heard and a certain Stephen. The editorial suggests that this Stephen Deuters – assistant to johnny Depp. In these messages on behalf of the actor apologized to amber for what happened the day before.

“He is very sorry and knows it was wrong. But he wants to fix it”, – quotes the edition of words of Goiters.

What Hurd says: “I don’t know how to continue to be with him after what he did to me yesterday.”

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Then Steven tries to convince the heard that Depp just simply does not remember what he did, that he “lost little boy”.

“When I told him that he hit you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it,” writes Stephen.

“Unfortunately, I remember everything in detail. He did this many times before. Tokyo, island, London – remember? And I always remain. Always believe he will get better. And or about every three months I find myself in exactly the same position,” adds Hurd.

Publication failed to confirm the identity of the participants of this conversation, it is also unknown whether the edited message. For comments it turned to Depp and Goiters, but so far the official response has not received.

Recall, amber recently wrote a statement to the police, but Depp has so far rejected the accusations of former spouses in the attack on her.

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