The Network got candid photoshoot Sobchak

В Сеть попала откровенная фотосессия Собчак Fans appreciated the bold images taken by famous photographer Aslan by ahmedovym. The author frames shared a provocative photo shoot of Ksenia Sobchak on his page in Instagram.

TV host, social and political activist Ksenia Sobchak recently rarely spoils their fans with bold pictures. Now she is more interested in more serious issues than fashion or art. Sobchak – an exemplary wife and mother. She married actor Maxim Vitorgan, which brings polutorogodovalogo son of Plato.

But ten years ago, Sobchak was a frequent character is not only secular, but also of the scandalous chronicle. Ksenia has participated in a candid photoshoot and boldly posed Topless. A series of provocative photos in underwear at the time, made famous by the photographer, singer and Director Aslan Ahmadov. Many years later, the artist showed the old footage, which caused a strong reaction of Internet subscribers.

“Another photo shoot from my archives. It was far 2005. Learn?”, – signed photos Sobchak photographer Akhmadov.

Pictures Topless Sobchak made in a provocative style. Ksenia poses in the prison setting, and one of the staff handcuffed to the bars. Some netizens did not recognize the candidate, but the majority expressed admiration for the artistic conception of photos. A number of Aslan’s followers criticized such work.

“For the sake of objectivity, your work with the candidate I like! Stylish, high quality, intellectual, conceptual, runway!”, “Just by nature of the model itself”, “wow, Xenia is not here to learn, just super!”, “Really do not know, but very beautiful!” – posted by fans of Xenia.

Itself Ksenia on survey of 2005 did not react, she was used to criticism and tries not to respond to provocations. And Aslan Akhmadov after the first post scored gathered diverse comments, more aroused the interest of the public and published the pictures. “Judging by previous posts and comments, my followers liked the photo shoot from the distant 2005. Catch bedtime for a couple more photos. And remember – it’s just art,” said the photographer.