“Jealousy is not a Vice”: what are the signs of the zodiac plagued by mistrust

«Ревность – не порок»: какие знаки зодиака мучают недоверием And others have to suffer from constant complaints. Sergei lang explained what people can not imagine their life without checks messages and inquiries of the second half, and who doesn’t even know what this feeling is and why it occurs.
«Ревность – не порок»: какие знаки зодиака мучают недоверием

Jealousy is a severe mental disorder that causes a persistent desire to control their partner. Once a person falls out of sight, immediately begins severe emotional distress. Jealousy can kill the strongest love and become the cause of divorce. Each zodiac sign has its own character. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang ranked the most jealous.

12th – Pisces

The representatives of this zodiac sign is not jealous. When they love someone, they fully believe him, and therefore their soulmate don’t even need to put a password on your phone – Fish to him can’t touch and won’t maniacally follow every step of the partner. Agata muceniece said the husband can check messages on her phone. However, she condescendingly refers to those actions of her husband, but his example does not take. The actress said that doesn’t know what jealousy is.

11 – Virgo

They direct all their energy on family and relationships. They are convinced that the partner is loyal to them. Virgins have no place in my life for jealousy – they are too confident. Husband TV presenter Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov admitted that at the beginning of the novel was very afraid of losing his girlfriend and therefore wanted to be in the course of her life. However, after the wedding, he sees no reason to torment yourself with jealousy.

10th place – Capricorn

The Capricorn feels the best and wonderful. But such thoughts don’t want anyone to suspect infidelity. But they are very emotional and can easily get jealous. But most of all, representatives of these zodiac signs are concerned about your past. Don’t upset the Capricorn, keep your skeletons in the closet and don’t enlighten a soul mate in the mysteries of a past life. Anastasia Volochkova admitted that jealousy is an indicator of the interest in the person. But she’s not ready to study every move of the second half – she is confident.

9th place – Scorpio

Scorpios get jealous very often, but if you will, then expect no mercy – they will have a strong sting. Moreover, the sign of the zodiac, and will take revenge if you find evidence of his suspicions. Once Yulia Kovalchuk was angry that one of the employees of the project, do not hesitate presence of the lawful wife, was already flirting with Alexey Chumakov. Apparently, the artist decided that she had no cause for concern.

8th place – Aquarius

Aquarius jealous very carefully, and not to each post. But they care when their partner is resting them. Be ready for unexpected calls and additional questions. It is better to prepare answers to calm Aquarius. Vera Brezhnev admitted that she is no stranger to the pangs of jealousy. However, they manifest themselves only when there’s reason.

7th place – Leo

Leo does not tolerate competition and hates to lose. They are always alert and guarding their territory. That is why the representatives of this zodiac sign often scandals because of jealousy. Please be patient. Singer Nyusha admitted that she does not mind if her husband Igor Sivov will experience pangs of jealousy to her numerous fans. It is believed that this will only strengthen their relationship.

6th place – Libra

The jealousy of the people of this zodiac sign is manifested by waves, then disappears completely, there is nothing. Relax you will not succeed. Singer Jasmine admitted that she felt jealous. However, it was in childhood, and she was jealous of your mother to other children, who adored her. Now the artist is a strong family and three heirs.

5th place – Taurus

They have a violent temper, and their emotions often prevail over reason. Get ready for the scandals of the blue, however, this will not last long. Taurus quickly calm down. In the early married life of Cheryl Cole said that in her home, often with scandals. Even if it was just a dream, where her husband was flirting with another.

4th place – Aries

Aries are very jealous and able your suspicions drive you to hysterics. Those born under this zodiac sign can keep you on the offense. A few years ago, there were rumors that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk a scandal to her husband because of suspicions of infidelity. But then the actress commented on the situation – according to her, she even think isn’t about jealousy, which can only kill love.

3rd place – Archer

They are too fond of your other half, and they think that everyone wants to destroy his happiness. In this respect, Sagittarians are very straightforward and in each they see their enemy that threatens his relationship. Wife of Anton Makarska Victoria was told that her phone, purse, personal belongings very much interested in the husband. However, the actress still doesn’t understand what kind of evidence he wants to find. Apparently the artist was so calm.

2nd place – Gemini

You can say that often the representatives of this zodiac sign insecure. Their jealousy can lead to madness. But not the second mate, and himself. Gemini is constantly checking for a partner. It is not surprising that with such suspicion they find something to complain about. To prove their loyalty to you will be Oh how difficult. Not so long ago the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice was jealous of her husband to the Kazakh model. She did not hesitate to put it on public display. The scandal broke so that the parties went to court.

«Ревность – не порок»: какие знаки зодиака мучают недоверием

1st place – Cancer

Cancers are constantly bullied over their partner. They think that they are asking a little – just that from now on all your free time belonged to them. Cancers accuse your partner of all sins and make him apologize. Rarely blows it on the brakes – because of their bad character often left alone. The husband of Pelagia Ivan Telegin recently had the temerity to be photographed with his girlfriend. Then the singer has surprised the public with its neutral attitude towards this issue. But who knows what’s expected of a hockey player at home.