В Сеть попали отрывки из откровенной книги Ольги Серябкиной The soloist SEREBRO releases the book “one Thousand Metres”. It includes the verses and reasoning Olga Seryabkina. As illustrations in the book used black and white pictures of the singer.

      В Сеть попали отрывки из откровенной книги Ольги Серябкиной

      A few months Olga Seryabkina intrigued his fans with stories about the upcoming release of her book “one Thousand Meters”, in which they will be able to see it quite differently. The soloist of the group SEREBRO explained that black-and-white pages readers will be able to read her innermost thoughts and bold enough recognition. According to Olga, illustrations for the book worked for the person who knows how to properly photograph it. Presumably, the pictures were taken by the boyfriend of the actress.

      In the Network a number of resources already offering pre-order for the book of Seryabkina. In these online stores are available excerpts from works by the soloist of the women’s team. “StarHit” cites several statements by Olga, where she’s been honest with his readers and did not hide their emotions.

      “Casual encounters are sometimes random and do not become something important. But sometimes they bring to life something more… something that you remember for a very long time. I guess we, girls, all – or almost all – remember details and moments, not the whole situation. And someone’s opinion or word can become a reason to feel different. Here I describe just such a case. I’m talking about the guy and his long glance. That look turned me upside down for one hour and allowed to live this hour in a different reality, where I may have lived on another planet. So I thought… We looked at each other and I think was even afraid to blink, and it was mutual,” admitted Seryabkina on the pages of his book.
      В Сеть попали отрывки из откровенной книги Ольги Серябкиной

      Olga talks about what influences her work, shares memories of the days when she was overwhelmed with inspiration, and she felt the happiest in the world. The author also admitted that it was difficult for her to move breaks with some choices.

      On the glass you wrote – “break”

      And innocently rubbed the floor in the dust,

      And I still study you,

      Not familiar to me was the heat…

      Where did you get the gunpowder?

      Witchcraft is my help?

      Scattered thoughts, like a heap.

      And as if to cry out of spite…

      Then it gets dark, then again the dawn breaks

      The minute of space after

      My power is in the hands of another,

      I can’t cry in response…

      And this snow not cold

      If the heat on my cheeks,

      Maybe it was just an excuse

      Reflected in each other — so..

      В Сеть попали отрывки из откровенной книги Ольги Серябкиной