Jane spoke about the upcoming motherhood

Нюша заговорила о предстоящем материнстве The artist does not exclude that will soon have children. According to the NYSE, it is ready to the education of heirs. By the way, fans of the singer look forward to when she will have kids.

      After the news that Jane is preparing for her wedding with businessman Igor Sivov, fans have been eagerly waiting for and other surprises from the singer. A followers have repeatedly noted that very want the actress became a mother in the near future. A number of fans suggested: the work of the performer in the show “the Voice. Children” prepare her for the birth of their heirs.

      According to the NYSE, she really likes to be one of the musical mentors of the project. By happy coincidence, the star was in the chair that was previously occupied by Polina Gagarina and Pelagia. Both women left the project due to pregnancy. Nyusha is not afraid that will repeat their fate.

      “I’m happy with. I am a woman and also want children! Maybe it was one of the reasons why I agreed to participate in the show “the Voice. Children” – give in the chair in the middle to sit down!” – said the singer.

      Nyusha believes that children should never criticize too harshly chastise them for their misdeeds. According to a member of the jury of musical competition, many adults should be more attentive to the kids. Star recalls that her mom and dad chose the right methods of education.

      “My childhood was freedom. And my rebellious nature is good. If at some point the parents began me all strictly banned, I would be doing the opposite. I looked at my classmates, who ran to smoke at recess. And I do not like – on the contrary, I was irritated, and I realized that most kids were doing it due to the fact that they pressured parents,” admitted Jane.

      At the moment, the actress is happy with her lover, Igor. Despite the fact that the man is older than the singer, they have established a full understanding. Nyusha admits that sometimes he literally anticipates some of its actions.

      “It was important for me to meet someone with similar views. There is an inexplicable connection. The feeling that you know that person is not first life. For instance, when I want to write him a message, he calls me. Or do I have to change something in the mood and he asks what happened. What I was so subtly feels and understands, it was very important,” – said the star in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.