Победительница шоу «Голос» Дарья Антонюк рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем The singer admitted that for several months can not recover. The girl caught a cold even on the set of the musical show and still did not eliminate the consequences. Daria Antonyuk even forced to carry an inhaler.

      Победительница шоу «Голос» Дарья Антонюк рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем

      During the finale of the fifth season of “the Voice” to the screens glued the whole country. Then the victory was won by a student from Zelenogorsk Dasha, beating the already well-known artist Alexander Panayotov. The winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk: “I know, why am I so negative!”

      It became known later that on stage ward Leonid Agutin went protoganda. Live “Instagram” Antonyuk told the audience that still have not recovered completely. “I don’t get sick again, but still with the “Voice” – for more than two months,” said the aspiring actress to questions from fans. In the process of video, the singer breathed through the inhaler, to somehow feel better. Apparently, after filming beauty can not find even a little time for treatment.

      By the way, fans Antoniuk began to worry after learning that their favorite for so long can not go on the amendment. A few months ago, many praised the fortitude with which she performed at the Voice, having not completed the selected song before.

      “Of course, the mood for the final I have practically vanished and I wish you guys huge success and brilliant performances! Immediately after the semi-finals I got sick, pretty bad. Nose, cough, sore throat, and most unwelcome, but the resulting consequence is the loss of voice. Only yesterday he was a bit to appear. Rehearsals I have not and will not, try to improvise! I hope something happens! I thought the semi final was the most difficult, but no! The final was harder than all that was before! Three weak songs, “besgrove,” three men against one lady, the passions and absolute depression for this reason. So far, I feel like “flying the distance” – wrote in the microblog in English.

      And after the victory the girl admitted to “StarHit” that really was not ready to such turn of events and was very anxious because of the inability to check the readiness of rooms. “Going into the final, which was held live for the first time, I almost sang this song. To rehearse because of illness does not work. Overall, I am satisfied, but I know that this is not my finest moment. Soon will begin to create a song and video that win gave me a million rubles,” – shared the actress.

      Also, the student admitted that star mentor warned her about possible health problems. Attentive members of the jury tried to support talented contestant. “Dima Bilan has repeatedly been approached and asked how I was doing and wished me good luck. Polina Gagarina even think about me very sick, always worried. But of course, the biggest worry was Leonid Nikolaevich. We have a very good relationship. It is often called, “Dasha, how are you? Do not hurt? Walk less, drink vitamins and anti-viral!” Took care of me.”