The names of jury members in the show “You’re super»

Стали известны имена членов жюри в шоу «Ты супер» 10 Feb NTV will show a continuation of the popular competition of young performers with a difficult fate. Today on a press-conferences has told, who, in addition to the Sergey Lazarev, will occupy the judicial seat. About the participation of renowned artist announced a few days ago.
Стали известны имена членов жюри в шоу «Ты супер»

On Wednesday there was held a press-conference dedicated to the start of the new season of the vocal show of NTV “You’re super!”It was attended by the producer Timur Weinstein, presenter of Vadim Takmenev, as well as the jury of the competition. As it became known, this time of young performers will appreciate Victor Drobysh, Igor Krutoy and Yulianna Karaulova, as well as Sergey Lazarev, whose participation was announced last week.

The winner of audience voting of the “Eurovision 2016” was not able to attend the event for journalists. Now Sergey Lazarev is in the United States with her son. The actor recorded a video message in which he shared his impressions of the new responsibilities. According to Lazarev, he looks forward to the moment when we start shooting. Sergei called the project “amazing and special”.

Victor Drobysh, who last year became the producer of the “New idol,” decided to publicly call on colleagues.

“Before the start of the second season, I would like to wish all the members of the jury and yourself to have the courage to try to be objective, no matter what. The first season revealed the potential of the project, but now together with the participants we have to take new professional heights. I want to participate more frequently in the rehearsals, more responsible for the level of training of children, and to see disclosed the talents of our contestants,” said the producer.
Стали известны имена членов жюри в шоу «Ты супер»

As it turned out, Igor Krutoy was planning to become a member of the jury in the first season of the vocal show, but plans had to be postponed due to personal circumstances. The composer shared that it is always a pleasure to meet talented artists. According to Cool, thanks to the project many novice performers were able to reach their potential.

“Contest “You’re super!”lit new names on our stage: after the final credits in the lives of these children happened large professional victory. I invited the guys to perform at the festivals “New wave” and “Good wave”, but also to take part in the competition “Junior Eurovision”, – said the producer and composer.

Yulianna Karaulova admitted that shooting in a vocal show will be her first experience of refereeing. Once the singer herself participated in the project “Factory of stars”. “This competition was a welcome release on the big stage and gave invaluable experience of working with Alla Pugacheva, but the friendship that was born there, still alive” – summed up artist.

The premiere of continuation of the project “You are super” will be held on the evening of 10 February. The competition will be attended by 82 beginner artist from 13 countries. The youngest of them eight years old, and the oldest is eighteen. For the first time, their strength will try the guys from Syria and Germany, and the stars of the first season of Roman Druzhinin and Daniel hamsters you get tested a second time.