Yanina Studilina revealed the secret of losing weight after childbirth

Янина Студилина раскрыла секрет похудения после родов The actress returned on the set after three and a half months after the birth of his daughter. Yanina Studilina played a major role in the TV series “the Island” where she had to appear in front of the camera in swimsuits.
Янина Студилина раскрыла секрет похудения после родов

The new season of the TV series “the Island” kicks off February 5 at 20.00 on TNT. While viewers speculated about a possible pregnancy spectacular blonde Oli Fagus, played by actress Yanina Studilina, after the first season mnogoseriyki, the performer of this role has indeed become a mother. Due to the new circumstances of the shooting of a sequel of the series was postponed, as the actress back when she was only three and a half months.

Despite the fact that to combine photography and motherhood was not easy, Yanina not refused to participate in the popular series. According to the script her character has to wear revealing clothing that accentuates the figure, so the artist had to work hard to get rid of extra pounds and get in the shot with a perfect figure.

“In February came the first season of the project, and in March I got pregnant. But only found out in April-may. Shooting of the second season long postponed, and when I called the producer, I was already eight months pregnant. But I was able to wait, though, and had to go to the site, when the child was three and a half months. Of course, it was difficult and as a mom and as an artist. I had to be in bikinis and swimsuits. But I adhere to a healthy way of life and even during pregnancy did not allow himself to relax. So I very quickly entered in the form,” Studilina said.
Янина Студилина раскрыла секрет похудения после родов

The actress still remembers the birthday of his daughter and considers it one of the most important events in her life.

“A year ago, remember very well that day. Went to the hairdresser, walked around the children’s stores, ate some chocolate (which I tried not to eat so much for following a healthy diet). Went to the doctor he said he can safely celebrate the New year (according to schedule was the date 31.12). Came home in a good mood. Nothing was a premonition. Until recently, I had not Packed a bag to the hospital, afraid of how they will gather and go. So I decided to collect, went to shower before bed and in two hours the night of 30 December we were already on the way to the hospital. 16 hours came to light Anya, the greatest happiness in the world to be a mom. The most important year in my life 2016” – shared the actress with the fans.