Депутат потребовал запретить Шнура, а он опять отшутился

The people’s choice considers the behavior of the actor on stage is unacceptable.

Scandal new video clip “Peter – to drink” is gaining tremendous momentum that, frankly, only adds to the group “Leningrad” and its soloist Cord of popularity.

This time the MPs proposed not just to punish the artist for the endless swearing, and prevent altogether. On this day, 24 may, said during a conversation with journalists the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Evgeny Marchenko.

“I want video “In St. Petersburg – to drink” is not checked only for the presence of alcohol propaganda, but also the presence of foul language. I want Shnurov punished and banned. Prohibited by law to swear,” – said the Deputy.

He also added that the behavior of the Cord at the stage just outrageous.

“What a pleasure, out of some peasant with a guitar, shabby, takes off his pants,” said Marchenko, writes Life.

Cords, by the way, not forced Marchenko to wait long for the answer. And immediately expressed his opinion on the statement of people’s Deputy in the microblog in Instagram.

“Deny Shnurov! Exactly! “I forbid you!” – say out loud three times, spit, and disappear Cords. Magic MP”, – joked the popular actor.

We will remind, earlier with the complaint to Cord in Roskomnadzor asked the Deputy of the state Duma Valery Rashkin. People’s Deputy drew attention to the fact that the video for the song “In St. Petersburg – drink” literally “crammed” Mat. According to Rashkin, the musician with his creativity “discreditied culture, St.-Petersburg” (read more HERE).

Then on the “Leningrad” complaint to the Prosecutor’s office. The Petersburg veterans and blockade survivors found the video offensive.

“This song is a disgrace to our city. That clip came on the eve of the feast of Holy Easter, is a slap in the face to all believers. And the fact that he came out on the eve of 9 May, is an insult to all veterans. This kind of immoral work must be available for the citizens of our country”, – outraged the last war the townspeople (read more HERE).

Later it became known that the attitude of the musicians of the “Leningrad” was being tested by the St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office.

For this reason, even the Cord was delivered of another post, or rather, has published in his microblog a quote from Peter’s I decree in which the Emperor-the Emperor openly supports unrestrained drunkenness:

“Food consumed moderately heavy belly dance is not obstacle to take. Potion to drink ad libitum, inasmuch as the feet keep: bude refuse to drink sitting. Lying not hold, so as not drowned, at least asked. Choking is the glory, for this death in Russia old honorable” (read more HERE).

And in your opinion, should we prohibit Cord?

  • The Deputy is right, he is a disgrace to our country and sets a bad example for the youth
  • Battle in songs too much, but what kind of Russian language without the Mat?
  • Get away from the man. Let him do what he wants!
  • Each person has the right to freedom of expression. So the Constitution says, among other things
  • Today the Cord is one of the strongest Russian pop artists. The scandals just prove it
  • Other (write in comments)

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