Дубцову  ограбили организаторы концерта в Крыму

The singer received a fee for her performance in Simferopol, the organizers of the concert ran off with the money and even cancelled the return flight of the singer in Moscow.

Recently popular singer Irina Dubtsova for the first time gave a concert in the Crimea. The first experience of stars were deplorable, after all, through the fault of fraud, the presentation could not take place.

The organizers of the concert were real scams. A few hours before the event, they disappeared, taking with him all the money from ticket sales and the fee meant the singer and her team. In addition, they even cancelled the departure of Irina home.

Fortunately for the audience, Irina did not cancel the concert. In spite of that, she went on stage and performed their hits. In the hall was really amazing, any unsuspecting audience warmly accepted artist. After the end of the concert Irina told the fans, as actually was the case.

“Despite the fact that the organizers of the concert in Simferopol, disappeared with the money for 2.5 hours before it starts, surrendered our return tickets, did not pay for drivers, technicians, room hire, lighting, sound, security and so on, we held a concert and want to say thank you to everyone who came! Thanks for the notice! Thanks for the welcome and for the flowers and joy! Not everything is measured by money. The concert was amazing!” – Irina wrote on his page in Instagram.

Scheduled speech in Sevastopol, which was to be held on may 25, Dubtsova was cancelled because of the situation. As they studied the same group of organizers, the singer suggested that the situation will repeat.

“This happened to us the first time. The organizers turned out to be a fraud. When Irina stayed in place, I discovered that not paid anything at all: no drivers, no equipment, no hall rental, lighting, sound, security and so on. In the dressing room there was not even a meal with water. Yes, and return tickets were delivered. About the fee, I generally keep quiet, Irina gave a concert for free. With these people we worked for the first time, didn’t think so this could go either. Tomorrow was to be held a concert in Sevastopol, but we canceled it, there are likely to be the same deplorable situation, after all, was organised by the same people”, – said the press-Secretary Irina Dubtsova novel.

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