Мама Сергея Шнурова показала неприличные рисунки сына

Hope Shnurov admitted that he often blushes because of the scandalous antics no grown-up son of a musician.

Hope Shnurov, the mother of the controversial frontman of the group “Leningrad”, first appeared before the camera lens. And was very shy, did not have time to prepare to shoot – no cleaning up and no makeup.

However, the shyness quickly passed, and the Hope Shnurov has told many interesting things about your son. It turned out that in St. Petersburg school No. 564, Sergei was in a class with a theatrical bias, but sat on the last or penultimate row and had a triple in the Russian language. And Sergei loved to draw dirty pictures, which is not something that children, but adults can not watch.

However, children’s drawings his mother had not demonstrated: apparently not preserved. And here is the catalog from one of the exhibitions, which presented the recent work of Sergei, truly shocking: it is enough to mention that some of the images the crews had to close the “cubes” to demonstrate on the air.

“We were hoping that he will grow up, interests change. But over the years it became better not,” admitted Hope Shnurov.

Recall now that Sergei 43 years, and he still behaves like a teenager on stage naked will, then, in the words of the authors of the report, “curses all over the country.

However, these antics bring Sergei respectable income. Besides, Sergei is generous, and always helps his family: includes parents, and the eldest daughter of the Seraphim, at any time, ready to throw money.

According to the Cord of Hope, the son is always ready to fulfill any whim. And Sergei, in turn, I’m sure mom im still proud. After all, it misbehaves only on stage but in real life, is an exemplary husband, father and son.

Here Sergei is debatable, suffice it to recall his recent provocation with drinking and Smoking together.

But, on the other hand, the relatives of Sergei exactly like and are willing to communicate with him, and it is in our time is worth a lot. So many antics Shnurova can be forgiven, especially if you don’t take them too seriously.

And we, in turn, in order to learn more about what Sergei at heart, showed his artistic creations (including “early”) psychology. Only here concealed, what works – the work of a famous singer. But see how interesting it worked!

“Judging by the pictures, this is the person with a holistic mentality, while having high emotional excitability. Bright colors, sharp contrasts of figures and background show the boyish, rebellious and contrast the perception of reality. Definitely, the author has a sense of taste and a healthy sense of space, says psychologist Eugene Idzikowski. – Most likely, this person would be boring to live “plankton”, and he is attracted to the profession, or otherwise associated with creative expression. The picture show is something internal, it is not facing the viewer. Author important his inner world and his work not opportunistic”.

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