Киркоров и Басков соревнуются, кто из них лучший покемон

Philip and Nicholas like overheard thoughts of each other. Maybe the idea of lying on the surface. But on the eve of the premiere of the new video Kirkorov, where it is represented in the image of pokemon, in the same way took the stage the “New wave” Nikolay Baskov!

The Golden voice and king of pop music in life good friends. However, on the stage – the main competitors. Only recently, in March, Philip presented his new show “I”, delivered to a foreign Director Franco Dragone. So in the autumn Nikolay Baskov in a hurry with the premiere of the program “Game,” the costumes for which sew almost designers of “Game of thrones”.

The same thing happened last year on the “New wave”. Philip came on stage dressed as a samurai, followed by Nicholas as a white tiger! So who is the baddest, how to understand? Actually, at first glance they are so different, but actually they have a lot in common. Both like to shock and surprise the audience, both without complexes, both willing to experiment. These similarities once again played with artists cruel joke.

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At the closing of “New wave” in Sochi Nikolay Baskov appeared on stage in costume pokemon Pikachu, explaining behind the scenes of your outfit is the fact that these nevedomy animals now in the trend.

“I often fly around the world, in Europe, all caught pokemon, direct crazy, – said Nikolai correspondent to Woman’s Day. — I thought about it and decided: why should not I try this way? The song that I performed, called “a Hug.” That is, I, pokemon, like, catch me and I’ll hug you.”

Yes, everything would be fine, if Philip Kirkorov had not been filmed with this same idea – where it is caught as a pokemon. When the singer together with “Disco Crash” was the movie they shoot for their collaborative track “Bright”, their minds too focused on today’s popular game Pokemon Go. Only Kirkorov became a special subspecies – Philippon. And all of it in the clip will look.

It is not clear how Philippon similar to Pikachu Baskov, the full video online yet, are just the teaser. But soon we will be able to compare the two pokemon in more detail.

By the way, neither Philip nor Nicholas is not necessary to take offense at each other, because their thoughts came together, says only one thing: both closely follow the fashion trends.

And you know which pokemon do you prefer: Kirkorov and Baskov?

  • Philippon – fresh, funny, amusing, waiting for the clip!
  • Pikachu’s funny – especially the tail! Basque knows how to laugh at themselves
  • In General, the fashion for pokemon has already passed, they were late
  • That’s rough, guys, you can not
  • Write your variant in comments