Natalia Friske was struck by the figure in bikini

Наталья Фриске поразила фигурой в бикини Woman surprised fans by frame out of the pool. Sister Jeanne Friske has shown to subscribers of Instagram, what she prefers to do in the morning. Followers Natasha said that she is in good physical shape.

      Natalia Friske remembers their journey to warm countries and share photos on Twitter with many followers. On Monday morning the woman showed followers a shot of the pool. In the pictures dressed in a swimsuit sister Jeanne Friske dives under the water and tends to swim to the side. Fans are impressed with the figure of a woman. “I love that these photos under water, looks so great!”, “Divine”, “You are great!”, noted followers of Natalia.

      According to the geotagging the photograph was taken during his stay in Miami. In the comments Friske explained that the old frame, and at the moment she goes to work in the subway and remembers those happy moments.

      By the way, some members of sister Jeanne asked, did it restore your vehicle during a storm the tree fell. Because of this, the front of the car was badly damaged and the side mirror fell off. However, Others have failed to resolve the question of repair of foreign cars, while not spending exorbitant amounts of money.

      “My insurance expired and the insurance, which could cover the cost of repair, I will not be issued. The area was private, the street came the owner, he offered to pay for the repair. We were able to negotiate peacefully, so I’m glad that everything ended happily,” said the “StarHit” Natalia.

      This summer, Natalya and her husband Sergey was not able to get to rest abroad. Even on the anniversary of their marriage the couple did not have a romantic trip. Judging by the fact that Natalia often dismantle old photos from the sea, she really misses this kind of holiday. However, the pair celebrated is so important for their family event together. “We have an agreement signed to keep your whole life with your love. I’m not for a moment regretted that chose you. You changed everything in my world full of meaning all the words. You made my life happy and meaning was in it for me. Only ask one thing of God: that it was forever,” admitted Natalia in love to her husband.