The mother of Alexander the Spout missing

Мать Александра Носика пропала без вести A relative of the actor has left the house. According to the artist, Maria Alexandrovna serious disease. Woman suffering from dementia she often forgets where I was headed. Now the Nose help law enforcement.
Мать Александра Носика пропала без вести

Mother of actor Alexander Nosik suffering from a serious disease: the woman forgets some things. About a year and a half ago, the doctors diagnosed her with dementia – decline in cognitive activity loss in varying degrees of previously acquired knowledge and practical skills. The actor is worried about her fate, so went to the police. According to Alexander, she left the service in the Church, the way in which knows, but never came back.

“My mother Starikova Maria yesterday came out of the temple, located on the territory of the children’s Filatov hospital, and never came home. It was around two or two-thirty days. She has issues with RAM, it can get lost. But the road from the temple, as the house is opposite, she knows inside out, and throughout the year her there walks a nurse, and she returns. It’s like that area of freedom which the mother can use safely, finding the way home. And that’s the first time she didn’t come back. Connected law enforcement agencies to search, but I ask all who can help, if someone saw Maria Alexandrovna, 1944 year of birth, to contact either the police or to me. I think she is still somewhere in the area of the roof, the Garden ring, Belarusian”, – said Spout to people, communicating with “StarHit”.

According to the actor, he is very worried about the fate of the mother. Police Alexander Nosik gave an accurate description of the mother. “She was wearing a black blown brown coat, colorful scarf, warm sequined shoes, was carrying a black bag,” shared the actor.

While that Spout is not to disclose information about the loss of a loved one on social networks. The actor has called on journalists and law enforcement. No further information about the whereabouts of his mother have not yet been reported. Star hopes for the best and encourages all passers-by who could see the older woman to respond.