Dana Borisova revealed the truth about immigration in Thailand

Дана Борисова раскрыла правду об эмиграции в Таиланд Some time ago, the Network appeared rumors that the famous TV presenter is allegedly planning to permanently move to another country to help drug addicts. Concerned Dana Borisova hastened to clarify speculation from the public.
Дана Борисова раскрыла правду об эмиграции в Таиланд

Dana Borisova is now in a rehabilitation centre in Thailand. The company are presenter Chris kelmi and Evgeny Osin. Not long ago, singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” celebrated my birthday abroad. Osin had a wonderful time in the company of colleagues in show business.

Recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that Dana Borisova allegedly moved to Thailand and will live in the immediate vicinity of the center of assistance to drug addicts. It was alleged that the TV presenter will settle in a luxurious Bungalow with stunning views of the Bay. A few days later, the blonde decided to clarify the situation. Borisov made clear that it is extremely concerned about the rumors, which received publicity in the Network.

“Hi. I would like to refute rumors that they plan to stay in Thailand forever. Along with the best Russian specialists do I open a rehabilitation center, but my immediate goals continue to meet with her daughter plus a lot of new shootings and projects,” – said Borisov.

Users of social networks supported Dana encouraging comments. “Good luck to you! Let you will succeed”, “We believe in you”, “Give me five”, “Boy”, “Sober, clear look”, “keep it up, you need to aim for a new goal” “I thought so… the Rumors”, “forward”, was discussed by the subscribers of TV stars.

Earlier in the program of the channel “Russia 1” “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Dana Borisova got in touch with the Studio transmission from Thailand. The blonde said that set up very seriously and plans to support people who suffer from addictions. Broadcasters appealed Rustam Solntsev. Showman called Dana to help Masha Malinovskaya. According to Solntsev, one needs the intervention of experts.

Дана Борисова раскрыла правду об эмиграции в Таиланд“We find the approach to everyone, whether famous or not. The trouble all have one,” said Borisov.

One of the guests was Chris kelmi, claiming that he was poisoned and robbed. Colleagues of the author of the music for the hit song “Closing the circle” said that he should change his lifestyle and to go for treatment in a rehabilitation center. Evgeny Osin has publicly referred to the man and asked him to think again. Osin depending on Kelme: “This will end badly”

Дана Борисова раскрыла правду об эмиграции в Таиланд“I understand that we deny our dependence. But we need to do something, because all signs indicate that this will end badly. Up to a lethal outcome. I wish you get back on the road to recovery,” said Osin.