The mother does not want to see Natalya Andreychenko

Мать не желает видеть Наталью Андрейченко

While Mary Poppins national cinema Natalia Andreichenko does yoga in Mexico, her sick mother barely making ends meet in the suburbs.

Recall that the actress who yesterday is 60 years old, decided to radically change my life and opened my spiritual center, which is engaged in the raw food diet and spiritual practices and takes like-minded people. In Russia, it appears very rarely, despite the fact that there lives her elderly mother Lidia.
Mother and wife, lives in a tiny apartment in Dolgoprudny, where he spent his childhood and Natalia. However, according to representatives of the local Department of culture, the actress does not like to think his poor childhood.
“Natasha shy of us for some reason, doesn’t like to tell that she’s from Dolgoprudny, if it’s some kind of backwater. We repeatedly invited her to a meeting with the children and at various city events, but she always refuses. In his biography Andreichenko always called himself a Muscovite, although our city is home to many celebrities: the leader of group “the dune” Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova spouse, Igor Saruhanov, Marina Khlebnikova and others. Natalia even parents forbidden to talk about their origins,” — said the officials.
In 2006 don became the father of Natalia. She was the mother, but the woman refused, he wanted to be closer to the grave of her husband.
Journalists turned to his mother and wife, but she even hear about her daughter does not want – not what to say about it.
“Natasha, I don’t want to talk! Happy birthday to congratulate her will not, we do not communicate almost. Sorry, but I feel bad” said Lidia. Neighbors of the elderly women said that Andreichenko appeared here the last time back in 2001. Eighty years mother Natalia is too weak, can not even go to the store, but for help to daughters does not apply.
According to neighbors, the women finally quarreled when the son robbed the actress and she gave him a statement. Lidia scolded the daughter for what she wanted to put her own child in jail, and even made the whole family a disgrace to the public.
“We as neighbors are sorry for grandma, for a bread run to the hospital.. we carry native person but she is still no substitute” — stated the neighbor.

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