Polina Gagarina is treated in the Maldives

Полина Гагарина лечится на Мальдивах
The singer believes the rest of the sea the best medicine.

Полина Гагарина лечится на Мальдивах

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

May holidays this year Polina Gagarina together with his family holds in the Maldives. All fans of the singer know that the Islands were a favorite place of girls.

Of course, there Pauline went not alone but with her favorite men — husband Dmitry ishakova and son Andrew. All the days of Pauline, Dmitry and Ondrich (so affectionately calls the son Gagarin) sunbathing, swimming, swim masks.

By the way, this vacation that Pauline was planning for a few months, could be broken. The fact that on the eve of departure, Pauline was in hospital with acute food poisoning. It happened in Germany during her tour.

Полина Гагарина лечится на Мальдивах

Pauline Kalinovo

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Due to ill health, the singer had to cancel several
concerts. Thanks to the efforts of the doctors Pauline managed to fully recover to their vacations.

Polina Gagarina with her husband and son

Photo: Instagram

The stay singer believes the best cure for everything.

“It starts with a full recovery after tours and multiple surveys”, — says the singer.

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