«Самый красивый преступник» Джереми Микс готовится к пополнению в семье According to rumors, the bride model is expecting a child. Recently Chloe green lead a healthy lifestyle and refusing alcoholic beverages. Himself Jeremy Meeks has not commented on the information that is publicized.
«Самый красивый преступник» Джереми Микс готовится к пополнению в семье

According to foreign media reports, 34-year-old “the most beautiful criminal in the world” Jeremy Meeks will once again be a father. His fiancee, 27-year-old daughter of the owner of Topshop Chloe green, is expecting a child. This information to journalists was confirmed by sources from the environment pair. Yourself Chloe and Jeremy have so far refrained from comment. Likely, the pair will shed light on the speculation of the public in the near future.

As reported by insiders, and green and a Mix set up very seriously. Lovers are going to bring relations to a new level and to create a family. “Chloe wants to get pregnant. She has refused to drink”, said friends lady Jeremy correspondents. Businessman and billionaire Philip green, the girl’s father blessed the couple. Mother beloved Mix also approved her choice.

If Chloe green is pregnant, the child will be her first account. Her lover is the son of Jeremy, who was born from his previous relationship. Being married to Melissa, the man started Dating Chloe. Wife “the most beautiful criminal” was unable to forgive his infidelity and filed for divorce after eight years together. According to the woman, the thing, Jeremy got for her a shock.

“What do I tell our children? My heart is broken… My marriage wasn’t perfect, but I thought we managed to save him, has not happened yet this betrayal… of Course I’m angry at her. What she did was unforgivable. I’m angry at him. What they did destroyed my whole world,” said Melissa journalists.

Not long ago, Jeremy has signed an agreement with his ex-wife, according to which he should pay her a thousand dollars a month for the maintenance of son. The contract is retroactive and effective from the first of November last year. In addition, Jeremy and Melissa have entered into a joint legal custody of the child. Now Jeremy, Jr., will conduct with the father 30% of their time.

Recall that a month ago, Jeremy Meeks appeared in a candid clip of a TV presenter and an aspiring singer Olga Buzova for the song “Wi-Fi”. Video directed by Alexei Golubev scored over 13 million views. Apparently, the darling of Meeks became jealous of his Russian celebrities. The arrival of Jeremy in Moscow caused a stir among his fans. Buzova said that it does not confuse “dark” past colleagues. In the work on the video Olga helped a large team of professionals. “We argued not only images, but also developed the script under the concept of the song, telling about strong women who don’t want to waste your time on trifles,” said the star. Olga Buzova section “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks