Дмитрий Дибров избавил супругу от зависимости As a TV presenter says he “put” her head. Dmitry Dibrov admitted that sometimes brings up his wife. In General he’s not trying to remake Pauline.

Today Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy celebrate nine years together in marriage. Despite the age difference, the couple understand each other, and their Union is considered to be strong enough. The famous TV presenter met the girl when she was only 17 years old. As Pauline says, the husband engaged in its development, trying to make sure she learned a lot.

“He wanted to affect my Outlook, made lists of books you want to read. Said, buy some chocolate, get under a blanket and read. Sweet, I ate and went for a walk, because — remember — I was 17! Actually, I prefer audio books or to listen to Dima. He’s incredibly smart! To went, I engaged in self-education, even created a women’s club, where the girls read, listen to lectures on psychology, pedagogy. I’m French and started to learn. And thrice! But every time I was pregnant and threw. More not touching him. But you correctly understood, Dima never in a commanding tone tells me nothing,” – says Polina.

Dmitry confirms that refers to his wife as another daughter. He tried hard not to alter her character, however, sees as the wife has changed over the years of my life with him.

“She was the Rostov girl, cute, educated — let them not slander! It is incredibly beautiful. But I made it myself! And treat it really as a daughter. This wife will not forgive that she was always digging when you need to go on a visit, and the daughter did not say a word”, – said Dibrov.

Dimitri tries to be sensitive to the chosen one, but doesn’t like it when she ignores it, hanging the phone in his presence. The presenter was persistent and saved a spouse from one of the dependencies.

“When did Instagram, the Field is so carried away that even if I was examining something in the phone. Imagine her Dibrov sits, and she looks not well. Had a little bit, so to speak, to insert the brains. But now such does not happen”, – said Dibrov.

Polina does not require the husband expensive gifts. But on New year’s husband fulfilled her cherished desire, and gave the car. “In nine years of marriage, I got the car the first time. We generally does not suffer from consumerism. Husband is a generous man, but I rarely asked for something. So in a forehead to say — want it or not! Can hint… This car, I admit, asked. Old did not want to change, while children are young, to not worry about the cleanliness of the cabin. Now they have grown, and I wanted to show off a little bit,” admits Paulina in an interview with “Telenedelya”.