«Деньги это очень неплохо»: Ким Кардашьян о границах личного пространства и заработанных миллионах

In the last recorded before the robbery in a Paris interview, Kim Kardashian talked about their talents, of living in social networks and earned state.

Instagram — the main reason for its popularity

When Kardashian asked would she be popular without signing up on instagram, the star said: “My life would have been different. I completely owe my career to social media”.

HER profession — a beautiful life

Kardashian monetized your lifestyle, what once again mentioned in an interview. Perhaps after the robbery, she will reconsider the boundaries of your personal space.

Her own name — brand

Kim claims that her she doesn’t have any particular predisposition. She believes that to have a successful brand and people like you for who you are

is its most important talent.

She found advantages in placing life on display

“I believe that the advantages in my lifestyle much more than the minuses,” he told the star in an interview. Did the robbery on the opinion of Kim after which it ceased to post photos to your instagram account, is unknown.

She does not hesitate to enjoy the money

When the host asked Kim: “Money is good, doesn’t it?” star answered with a grin: “Yes, very good”.