The Melania trump weighs status of the first lady

Меланию Трамп тяготит статус первой леди The U.S. President’s wife lives separately from her husband. According to Western journalists, Melania trump is in no rush to move into the White house. The billionaire’s wife prefers to live in a luxury apartment in new York.

      Меланию Трамп тяготит статус первой леди

      Western media reported that U.S. President’s wife Melania trump lives with her husband in the White house. The woman does not hurry with the move to take care of his own beloved son Barron. Maybe Melania will decide to settle down in Washington some time later. Herself a former model prefers not to comment on the information which appeared in the press. The sources close to trump told reporters about how things are in her family.

      Users of social networks concerned with “depression” Melania trump

      “They are unlikely to move until the end of the school year. Melania can move to her husband at any time, but they will do what’s best for the Barron,” the insider shared with reporters.

      At the moment Melania and son Barron visit the 45th President of the USA at the weekend. In this regard, the tabloids called the darling of the head of state “Sunday wife.” However, this situation apparently suits the billionaire. In an interview with reporters he said he does not complain about the situation. Donald trump is not feeling lonely, living apart from the family.

      “No, because I work so late that’s fine,” he said.

      According to journalists, Melania trump gets to her beloved husband in just 90 minutes, and this despite the fact that she lives in a luxury tower wife, located in new York. Especially for relatives of the head of the United States came up with complicated and expensive route with two transfers. First, Melania and son riding in a luxury limousine, then fly the helicopter and then Board a private plane.

      Meanwhile, rumor has it that this first lady is a former model and eldest daughter of the President Ivanka trump. According to some, she has a very big impact on my father. Donald trump often listens to the advice and recommendations of the heiress. However, the Ivanka such assumptions are rejected. According to the girl, she will not perform the role of “combat friends” of the President. Such statements Ivanka called inappropriate.

      By the way, the protests against the 45th President of the USA continues. They are supported by many celebrities who allow themselves to fiercely criticize Donald trump. So, at the ceremony of awarding the prestigious prize of the Guild of film actors Ashton Kutcher said that it takes a presidential decree to toughen immigration rules. And on “the Gold globe” against the billionaire spoke Meryl Streep. The star was troubled by the behavior of trump, once sparodiroval journalist with a handicap. Hollywood stars took to the streets with slogans against Donald trump