Sergey Lazarev endured the pain for my son

Сергей Лазарев терпел боль ради сына The singer filled the design on the body of his heir, Nikita. Sergey Lazarev made it when I was on holiday in Miami. Fans of the artist found that the picture was very cute and touching. They believe that Sergei is a wonderful father.

      Recently, the singer Sergey Lazarev returned from USA where he went on vacation. While abroad, the artist has intrigued fans with a photo taken in one of the most popular American tattoo parlors. Lazarev invited followers to guess where he will fill a new drawing. Those suggested that Sergei chose the neck area. They’re not wrong: recently, the music star showed the letter “N” which is now emblazoned on the left side of this part of the body.

      Fans of the Lazarev immediately understood why he decided to fill just such a figure. According to many, the actor got a tattoo in honor of his son, whose name is Nikita.

      “Plus one… for a Long time it wanted, but could afford just now. In a famous tattoo parlor in Miami, where did the wings”, – shared Sergey a few days ago.

      Fans of the singer began to congratulate him with a new pattern on the body. In their opinion, he really is the star. “Cool,” “How cute”, “Why not”, “looking good,” “Class, perhaps, you are a good father”, “Beautiful pictures”, “All is clear without words. May God give you health and happiness”, “tasteful Tattoo”, “Super”, “Very cute”, “Touching”, “How symbolic,” “Great,” discussing the artist’s fans.

      Recall that the existence of the child Sergey Lazarev became known only recently. In late December, the Network appeared the video, where the star walks with her son. For a long time the singer was hiding the baby from the public, preferring to protect him from publicity.

      Sergey Lazarev two years hiding son

      Note that the lovely Nikita was born in 2014. More about son Sergei is not known. After the Internet appeared the information that Lazarev is the father of a wonderful little boy, many began to discuss the personal life of a celebrity. To avoid further waves of gossip, the singer made a statement in which he asked not to disturb his family.

      “The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass, causing a lot of talk, rumors, discussion, often negative emotions and even adult and experienced people this attention is a complex challenge, not to mention a small child. Me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful and happy event that occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, exclusively in a family circle, without making any statements or announcements,” wrote the artist.