Человек, стрелявший в убийцу Вороненкова, сделал сенсационное признание The man told about the details of the tragic events. Igor Gonchar has managed to save itself and decided on a candid interview for the program “Let them talk”. Also during the talk show discussed the many rumors regarding the death of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov.
Человек, стрелявший в убийцу Вороненкова, сделал сенсационное признание

March 23 in the capital of Ukraine, was shot dead by the ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov. The man died at the entrance of one of the hotels of Kiev. Widow Maria Maksakova still can’t recover from grief.

Today, the program “Let them talk” discussed the details of the murder investigation Boronenkov. According to one version, the killer who killed the man who shot the bodyguard of the former Deputy. However, Andrei Malakhov showed a sensational exclusive interview with who was on the scene. According to him, he was shot twice in Paul Barsova. The man revealed all the details of the crime.

“I, Potter Igor Alekseevich. The nickname “the Sable” I’ve been given since childhood, fond of hunting and got the beast in the eye. In 2000 – 2002, I met Sergey Sergienko. Through Sergeenko met with Roma Shevchenko. Mar 21, 2017 Mar I instructions Shevchenko pulled up to the hotel “European”. And we went up to the hotel room, where there were two unknown to me. One of them appeared to me as an instructor. He said that the distance is 10-15 meters, and will have to shoot from the car, the goal he shows me.

And 23 March 2017 at 10.45 we stood in front of the hotel Premier Palace, the name I have read and waited. The instructor said to the side of our car got ran over a man with a hood over his head – he is our goal. After some time I heard the shooting and saw that the back of the parked cars seemed like a hooded man. The instructor commanded: “Fire!”. And I shot two times in the head and the body in the area of the chest. After that we departed from this place, the instructor told me to leave the gun in the back seat. Then drove me to the bus station. He gave me 50 Euro and said I was coming back to Dnipropetrovsk,” – said the man.
Человек, стрелявший в убийцу Вороненкова, сделал сенсационное признание

Andrey Malakhov was surprised that Igor was not detained by law enforcement agencies. However, the former chief of protection of Boris Berezovsky and a witness to the murder Boronenkov Sergei Sokolov said that Potter – boy is clever, and so decided to escape to save their lives. According to the man, the killer is now on the run, but get in touch. He said that now even thinking about how to provide him Pro Bono.

Also in the Studio “Let them talk” discussed the rumors that Denis Boronenkov is actually alive – and on March 23 was just a hoax. Some speculated that the former Deputy has a twin, and the man himself is in Israel and is preparing for plastic surgery.