The majority of Russians want to work under the guidance of men

Большинство россиян хотят работать под руководством мужчин

Once again the poll shows that the man the boss looks in the eyes of their subordinates much more attractive than a female boss.

And to work with a woman does not want the majority of both men and other women.

At least, so said 64% of visitors to the portal , “Lady Mail.Ru” that participated in the poll.

For 34% the gender of the leader does not matter.

And only 8% of men and 6% of women would like to work exclusively with the woman.

The most important qualities of the head, according to the respondents, are leadership capabilities (19%). In the second place willingness to listen to the staff (17%), the third – mental data (11%).

Also an ideal leader, in the view of 61% of the respondents, must be a family man. As for his clothing style, 46% chose business, 18% free, 7% — a classic, for 14% it doesn’t matter.

Most subordinates indicated that they are indifferent to external data the author and his punctuality.

Method leadership has for the Russians the important role of: 90% would like to have their head stuck to a democratic leadership style and autocratic style were made by only 9% . But most interesting is that 14% of respondents believe that if they have a chance to sit in the chair, they shall choose an authoritarian style.

Not less interestingly, 13% of women believe that would have coped with the tasks your Manager better than him. And men, self-confident, even twice.

Fortunately, almost half of respondents (48%) satisfied with their supervisor, but believes that it does have its drawbacks. And only 15% of participants admitted that they barely put up with my boss.

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