The ex-soloist of “Leningrad” Alisa VOX took a solo clip

Экс-солистка «Ленинграда» Алиса Вокс сняла сольный клип

Their debut video for the song “Hold on” the girl in the louboutins… will demonstrate at the exhibition van Gogh this Thursday.

Life without Sergei Shnurov exist! It tries to prove the former soloist of “Leningrad” Alice Vaux, who left the group on March 25. After finding themselves “at liberty”, the singer immediately began to realize his dream and began recording a solo album.

The first fruits of their work without Sergei Shnurov and his team, Alice will present on April 14, the day after the birthday of his now former “boss”. We will remind that Sergey Shnurova this year will mark 43 years.

Now comes the fun part: the debut video for the song “Hold on” Alice Vaux show on the screens of the St. Petersburg Museum “Lumiere lounge”. There is preparing for the opening of the multimedia exhibition “van Gogh – Live canvases”.

In General, the rhyme suggests itself. Remember in the “Exhibit”: “Took me Serge to the exhibition of van Gogh”. This song was the last hit of the “Leningrad”, which sounded the voice of Alice VOX.

But even at the exhibition about van Gogh’s “louboutins” Alice not sing. Sergey Shnurov banned former soloist perform songs from the repertoire of the group “Leningrad”. Yes and copyright of these Alice never had.

The girl, however, was not discouraged.

“I am happy,” she said during an hour talking with fans on his page in Instagram. However, the theme of leaving “Leningrad” it is completely ignored. And about the solo project particularly prefer not to.

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The details of the shooting of the new video is also still kept secret. We only know that the clip was directed by, who has repeatedly been nominated for the Cannes film festival in the program of short films. But his name for some reason is not called.

Woman’s Day contacted the agent of the singer Anastasia, but to comment on the choice of the date and place of the presentation of the new video she refused, citing the secrecy.

However, the wait is almost over: on Thursday we will see what they are capable of the former soloist of the Cord. And was right to the musician, when he declared that makes average girls “quite a star”, but they by themselves are nothing.

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