Самая одинокая собака в мире снялась в «Трансформерах»

Staffordshire bull Terrier named Freya six years she lived in the orphanage until he became the best friend of Anthony Hopkins.

She knows the command, calm and incredible sweet. One thing: Freya suffers from epilepsy. Because of this disease from the Staffordshire bull Terrier at the time, refused the owners. And the dog is already six years in any weather living in a street booth at the orphanage…

Only now the shelter staff all this time, did not give up and was hoping to attach the baby. Moreover, last year persuaded one of the British Newspapers to tell her story. The hosts after the article and was not found, but Frei’s film career began! The producers of “Transformers” decided to remove no one needs the dog in the fifth part.

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And judging by the video, posted on YouTube, a lonely pet was able to work in the frame along with the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins… what’s More, the four-legged actor came to mind. He noted how she is affectionate and dutiful. Yeah, I think the talent of the actress in her woke up… Freya tried to look at the camera.

Unfortunately, the 78-year-old actor to take the baby to his home can not. But hopes that it will make some of his fans.

Contemplate tailed the actress on the screens will be in 2017. It is this year scheduled premiere of the fifth “Transformers”