Panayotov: “Other participants” looked at me funny”

Панайотов: «Другие участники «Голоса» смотрели на меня косо»

After almost 15 years, the singer once again involved in the music TV contest.

We remember him as a very young guy, who, along with Alexey Chumakov and Ruslan Alehno conquered women’s hearts with song “Extraordinary.” In 2002 he reached the final of the project “Popstars” in 2003 Panayotov took second place in the show “people’s artist”. Then, they toured, fans, albums and rotation. But at some point, Alexander went missing from blue screens.

“I had a fairly long media vacuum, I have more than six years did not appear on TV, says Panayotov. – I was invited to participate in different talk shows, but they were far from vocal music, and I basically refused. And then there was a real chance to show their abilities, voice. And the power of television, the first button has not been canceled”. The artist says that for a long time did not dare to go to the casting of the main vocal project of the country. In the end, convinced friends. “A few years since the advent of “voice” in the live friends always told me that I should participate in this project, ” continues Alexander. – Everyone asked why I’m not there. Persuaded me Vlad Sokolovsky and singer Dakota, with whom we played together in the summer at a concert in Sochi. Back in Moscow, for the sake of laughter filled the questionnaire. Decided, come what may. I didn’t know how the jury and the producers will perceive my appearance on the project. Passed all stages of selection on a General basis, without agreements, cronyism. Along with other applicants were sitting with numbers in the hallway, waiting for their turn. Many participants at me sideways glances. Others do not hesitate came to me and asked if I’m a new coach. One girl asked a question in a forehead: “Why are you here? Maybe even hypnotherapy call?!”. I was all no problem, not upset. Reacted to the casting as interesting, fun game. And that’s got to blind auditions”.

As it turned out, all mentors Panayotov know in person. But the preference he gave the Leps. “With Polina, Dima and Leonid we sometimes cross each other at concerts. And I know that I can offer each of them explains their choice Alexander. – Gregory we haven’t spoken in over 10 years. And I have no idea what work is waiting for us with him. Probably, this uncertainty was what attracted me. In addition, I was impressed with how he fought for me, the touts in his team. I think the audience will be interesting to watch our tandem.