Фанатки охрипли, выпрашивая автограф у Егора Крида

And the singer couldn’t say no.

Autograph session after the two-hour concert was not planned. Moreover, the artist decided to leave the concert hall incognito. However, vigilant fans did not allow him to do so. As always, fans met the artist more than enthusiastically. “I love you, Whitney!”, “Please, Greg, take a picture with me”, “Egor, please!” – these cries greeted the fans of the singer in the back. Even when creed started giving autographs girls continued tearing of the vote in the hope of attracting his attention. To the credit of the artist he survived the 10-minute pressure fans with dignity and did not refuse a single one.

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Unconditional love is not the only gift hot rostovchanam Egor. This year the girls decided right in the middle of the concert to please the artist name Bathrobe with the inscription “Mr. Kreed” and the image of a lion on the back. On the packaging tape was an inscription: “Negligent macho from Rostov fan club”. It is worth noting the attentiveness of fans, because creed himself puts hashtag #Halatlyak under your photo in social networks. “We always take into account their preferences, this time had time to prepare a gift for two weeks,” – says one of the fans of the singer Anna. Recall: a year ago, fans gave the idol picture handmade with a picture of Yegor and his sister.

#Rostov, thank you for the concert and thank you for the gifts! Not very fond of sedentary halls, but ubezhden that it is in these short people come from small to large! We welcome all and enjoy it when it turns into a party.

Photo published by Egor creed (@egorkreed) Sep 22 2016 12:21 PDT