Джигурде угрожают из-за 800-миллионного наследства

The artist became the owner of not only millions, but also new enemies.

Nikita Dzhigurda suddenly for all, and himself became a millionaire. The actor left his estate to girlfriend Lyudmila Bratash, who died in February of this year under mysterious circumstances. The woman was godmother of the daughter Dzhigurda.

The status of the deceased is estimated at about 800 million rubles. According to the documents, Nikita and his wife in equal shares went to three Moscow apartments worth 200 million, property abroad and a Bank account. Now the couple are preparing to join the law of inheritance.

The newly minted millionaire admitted that now he was threatened and blackmailed for the money. However, Nikita, brutal singer, resolute and passout not intended.

Despite the fact that, according to various sources, Lyudmila loved strong drink, the chair is sure that his friend was poisoned, and even boldly says of the alleged perpetrators. According to him, the same people threaten him with violence if he did not renounce the inheritance.

Making a will, Ludmila Bratash mentioned about the possible threats from his cousin and the driver. On the days Dzhigurda published a document in the network.

“I lay out the papers because my address did receive threats, even murder, if I’m not giving up,” – wrote in “Twitter” actor.