6 самых неожиданных мест, где садилась на шпагат Волочкова

Yesterday visitors of the Cum could see how the ballerina makes her crown stretching, which brags in Insragram.

Before we forget about the wonderful twine Nasty in the bath as she pleased with the new photography. In the picture, ballerina posted in Instagram last night, she did stretching on the bed. This, of course, is not surprised. But the bed is in the… shop!

Photo Volochkova accompanied by an explanation:

“A fruitful day. And in the end, at the invitation of Alla Weber drove in cum. Vogue fashion night out. Designers show limited collections, and purchases can be made all night. I was asked to pose, and I in my crown splits”.

And immediately began the discussion. Members Nastia appreciated her costume a La pajamas (just the topic) and shoes lined up in the foreground in a ballet position. And someone noticed that the bed, to participate in this photo shoot, you can now sell at exorbitant prices.

Those who complained that he was tired from the constant splits Volochkova, her fans said, “Girls, treat easier to everything you see in the photos of this woman. She is able to, great! I don’t see this as vulgar and shameful!”

And someone even advised Volochkova to explore new horizons and to repeat the famous splits of the computer of Chuck Norris on the wings of a flying aircraft. However, where here to compete with him…

And 5 tricks Anastasia

On this occasion of Woman’s Day decided to recall in what unexpected places showed Anastasia the thing.

Over the cliff

At the next resting ballerina decided to take a ride on the parachute attached to the boat. And could not resist to complement the surrounding beauty of your twine.

On the roof of the limo

Of course, the limo and of itself is cool. And if it is still on the twine to pass, as it did once Anastasia is all chic of the highest order.

On the football field

Before the performance of our players at the Olympics in Rio Nastya decided to support them. Did stretching in a sports field in Povorino, Voronezh region, where there was a concert. By the way, especially for this business platform has opened the night and even turned on the lights.

Over the sea

One of my favorite places Nasty to shoot in splits. And, as befits the yugas, the dancer is photographed in a swimsuit, which causes more excitement. One of such pictures, for which Volochkova was stretched in a very microscopic bikinis, sparked a scandal on the network.

On horseback

Than Nastia was able to draw in accomplices live horse, is unknown. But their 5 minutes of fame she got one too.

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