Lionel Richie was against the relationship of his daughter with Justin Bieber

Лайнел Ричи был против отношений его дочери с Джастином Бибером

Since August this year Sofia Richie, daughter of famous musician Lionel Richie, is Dating singer Justin Bieber. As it turned out, didn’t like it to not only fans of the canadian, dreaming of his reunion with Selena Gomez, but the girl’s father.

Lionel has so far refused to comment on the affair of Sophia and Justin.
“I do not climb there. I was strictly forbidden to meddle in these relations,” said Ritchie to direct a journalist’s question about the status of his daughter and Bieber.
Insiders close to the family, Richie told me that he really was against Roman Sofia and Justin, and even forbade her to go out with him, but the teenagers are now gone wayward, and the father had to accept. When he refuses to talk about the relationship of a daughter and a scandalous star, but this is also its greatest reluctance – he still can’t understand why the daughter went against his wishes. So-and-so was upset with father.