Актриса Мия Фэрроу стала бабушкой в 12-ый раз!
Daughter Dylan graced her with another granddaughter.

Актриса Мия Фэрроу стала бабушкой в 12-ый раз!

MIA Farrow daughter Dylan

Photo: Legion-media

children actress MIA Farrow, which is almost as long as 13 years was the civil wife
Woody Allen has provided it with a range of
“brood” grandchildren. The latest addition to the family — baby Evangeline. It
my mom was one of the daughters Farrow, Dylan.
The baby, born yesterday, has already become the 12th granddaughter of the actress.

MIA Farrow
managed to combine a highly successful career as an actress (for which she was
the award “Golden Globe” and many other
awards) with raising more than half a dozen children. MIA just raised
14 children, 12 of whom were adopted. Dylan, who became yesterday a young mother,
was also adopted. Her foster
parents were Farrow and Allen, who at the time lived with MIA. However, later
he had lost his rights to communicate with Dylan.

It happened
after the scandal that erupted in 1992-the year when MIA accused woody in
sexual harassment towards seven at the time, Dylan. Although
according to results held then a formal investigation of Allen pleaded not guilty, the judge
demanded to the girl freed from contact with woody. He tried
to appeal the decision, but the result is not achieved.

In 2014 year
even Dylan filed against Allen all
the same charges, but the Director still denies
his guilt reminded that this case was investigated by the police and closed. As
he thinks Allen and his friends, MIA invented the whole story, and then set up
against him Dylan. And did it Farrow in order to take revenge on woody for
he left her to marry one of the grown-up adopted daughters, MIA —a
Soon-Yi. Since then, Allen
peacefully and happily lives the sun-And .raising his two daughters, whom he fathered with her.

MIA Farrow and woody Allen

Photo: Legion-media