Лидер группы «Мачете» возвращается на сцену после трагедии в семье The musician will present new video for “hold me Tight”. The singer rethink values of life and even changed the name. Now the artist asks, calling himself Moshe Pinhas.

The last four years have been extremely difficult for the leader of the group “Machete” Yaroslav Maly. That’s why rock band was silent the whole time. Due to the rethinking of the internal values of the group’s frontman even took a new name – Moshe Pinhas.

The fact that one after another in the family of the musician have been two terrible tragedies. First, the actor lost his father, who for almost a year courageously struggled with serious illness. Small was constantly next to my dad in Israel.

“Then, after dad was gone, I was born the song “Seize the moment”, – says the singer. Is it my thoughts and feelings, which literally covered at the moment. Being in Israel, I also worked on the album “War and peace”. He is ready, but the release was postponed indefinitely. Too strong were the feelings associated with the period of his writing”.
Лидер группы «Мачете» возвращается на сцену после трагедии в семье

Soon followed by another blow – was not the eldest daughter of the singer Yana. The girl, incidentally, was also a creative person, studied drawing and even won the international competition for artists anime AKROSS.

After the tragic events of 11 months the artist spent in mourning, according to Jewish law could not even listen to music. At the expiration of that period he went to Singapore, where he worked on the album, “show and tell DAD,” which will be published in may.

“Being in Israel, my wife Rachel all went to the balcony, which had an incredible view of the surrounding area and the sea of Galilee, recalls Small. Over them floated clouds and the sun went down. Looking at all this, Rachel suddenly said, “show DADDY.” I suddenly found that her words is lie on the musical phrase, which at that moment sounded in my head”.

First, the musician has decided to release the single and video “hold me Tight”. The song appeared in the latter, it is on the wings made of the author in the next stage of life. Includes all the experiences of the past four years and became a sign that now the time has come for something new.