Алиса Вокс рассказала о домогательствах в «Ленинграде» The singer expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of the group leader Sergei Shnurov and his colleagues. Alisa VOX said that they constantly allow themselves to unambiguous hints on the brink. According to the ex-soloist of “Leningrad”, it was hard for her to work in such conditions.
Алиса Вокс рассказала о домогательствах в «Ленинграде»

Alisa VOX is preparing a new collection, “POP”, which will include her hits. Ahead of the release of the album, the former soloist of group “Leningrad” gave a press-conference at which told about his work after parting ways with Sergei Shnurov and shared plans for the future.

During the conversation with journalists we were talking about the harrasment. The last few months, the public never ceases to publicly discuss harassment in different areas. According to Alice Vaux, she was faced with inappropriate behavior from peers.

“The veil of constant harrasment, lewd jokes in the “Leningrad” was and is after me, I’m sure of it. From this, it is impossible to ignore. Very annoying when, for example, calling you in the room Director of the group and says, “Alice, you Serge is waiting in his room – put on black lingerie and get up.” And you sit in your room and think “Is he joking?”. I finished my work in the group “Leningrad”. Will never understand where the line of permissibility of these jokes,” said the singer.
Алиса Вокс рассказала о домогательствах в «Ленинграде»

When she received offers to spend with someone the night for help with career move, she says no. Woman considers herself to be a strong singer who can “make it” without the help of a wealthy man.

“Since I’m a high-class professional, a good singer, then try to offer me some preferences for “come to me, I’m producing”, – at least silly. It is possible to offer girls who can not be two notes to sing,” said the artist.

According to Vaux, in her life, she repeatedly faced harassment. Some cases the singer does not want to remember. But the one glaring episode she still shared. When the future artist was 17 years old, she entered the University of culture located in St. Petersburg.

“I went through all the rounds and at last I suddenly slapped a deuce for the vocals. In the hallway, he approached me, the assistant Dean and asks me and another two “doesnt” to stay and offers to talk with the Dean. I go to his office. It was to say that “what you do for receipts to my Department,” “you understand that you will need support while studying,” “I can help you”… Offered to go with him on a production in Tver, to live with him in the room to be a “good girl”. Promised after that to enroll the second semester,” recalls Alice.

Then VOX was shocked by the words of an employee of the University. The girl didn’t expect that she would do such indecent proposal. “It was a nightmare then for a long time I dreamed,” said the singer in the press centre of NSN.