Анне Вески балует внуков вопреки желанию дочери The artist allows the heirs of a computer game. Anne Veski is trying to devote time to their most favorite people, despite the fact that continues to tour and delight audiences with their creativity.
Анне Вески балует внуков вопреки желанию дочери

Estonian singer Anne Veski became known throughout the Soviet Union thanks to the victory in the competition, which took place in Sopot in 1984. She performed the song “Behind of abrupt turn”. Anne Veski scandal over the recording of performances

Now the artist intermittently on tours in different cities and countries. She was pleased that audiences still remember her songs and happily sing along. Now, however, she tries to find time for his family, the wife of benny, the daughter of Curley and two grandchildren – Frederick and Dominic. Anna realizes that her heirs have to put up with the fact that grandma is a busy man. However, it is important to be near loved ones.

“The grandchildren come to visit my grandmother once a week. Sometimes less. For them it is happiness. My mother does not allow them to play computer games, and I can do anything. So they are rushing to our house. By the way, I know that I’m a singer, and sometimes include my CDs while playing.” – said the artist.
Анне Вески балует внуков вопреки желанию дочери

Good did not hide the fact that once her daughter also dreamed about the scene. In childhood Curley participated in the recording of television programs, worked in the Studio on the creation of the songs, but then still chose the work of a diplomat. Anna is pleased with the decision of the heiress, because she was the chief happiness of a beloved child. But her second husband, Benno supported the aspirations of the woman and found a way to always be there for her.

Анне Вески балует внуков вопреки желанию дочери“Generally, when a family has an artist, it’s probably not the greatest happiness for the family: the eternal road. Although in my case, has long been used to it. My husband Benno turned his life around to be near me. Became my Director, the Director of our team and traveled with us across mother Russia, even BAM we visited. He always looked at my tour as a part of our life together. Thank God, between us in this sense has always been understanding,” he shared the happiness of family life artist.

Anna admitted that parents did not support her desire to become a singer, although she happened to be on stage. However, in an interview with “Izvestia” good said that over time, my mother imbued with the importance of her case and began to understand the work of his daughter.