Лидер Linkin Park покончил с собой According to journalists, Chester Bennington died at his home in the United States. According to preliminary data, the frontman of the iconic rock band hanged himself. Many Linkin Park fans are in shock.

Today, Western media reported that 41-year-old lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide on the birthday of Soundgarden leader Chris Cornell, who killed himself in may.

According to data that was available to journalists, rocker hanged himself at his home in County Los Angesles, California.

Linkin Park fans can’t believe what happened. They leave comments in the microblog group, and Bennington, wishing him to rest in peace. “Why?” “I can’t breathe”, “RIP”, “I wish this news not true” “I don’t want to believe it”, “We love you”, “Chester, how could you?”, “I’m sorry”, “I’m just in shock that he’s gone. I wanted to marry him when I was 12 years old”, “it’s Like cut off a piece of childhood”, “I grew up on these songs,” write the fans of the rocker.

Many users of social networking remember the song cult band and share their memories of the rock star. The fans Linkin Park quote, songs, words which they know by heart.

Police later confirmed the information about the death of Chester Bennington a number of Western publications, including Variety and the Associated Press.

Chester Bennington was born on March 20 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. The musician raised six children, two of whom are charming Jamie and Isaiah – were adopted. Despite the fact that Bennigton broke up with first wife Samantha, it allowed him to communicate with her first-born Drèjven Sebastian. The last twelve years, the rocker was in a relationship with model Talinda Ann Bentley. Wedding of Chester and his lady was held in December 2005.

Frontment Linkin Park was a close friend of Chris Cornell, leader of the grunge band Soundgarden, who committed suicide in may. The sudden death of a musician was a heavy blow for all who knew him. At the funeral of Chris Chester sang the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Among those who came to say goodbye to a rocker, was also brad pitt, Madonna, James Franco, Courtney Love and Lisa Marie Presley.

On the same day when it became aware of the suicide of the idol of millions, on the official YouTube channel of the band premiered the video for the song Talking to Myself. Western correspondents draw attention to the fact that the release of the movie took place in 9:01 – a moment later, after the body of Chester, according to TMZ, was discovered at his residence in California.