Ведущий прогноза погоды Александр Беляев рассказал о тяжелой болезни Star TV began to experience health problems. According to the data publicised in the Network, Alexander Belyaev undergoing chemotherapy. “StarHit” contacted the man, who is now in a medical facility.
Ведущий прогноза погоды Александр Беляев рассказал о тяжелой болезни

Today, the Network appeared the information that the 68-year-old TV presenter Alexander Belyayev was forced to go to the doctors. It was alleged that men suspected cancer. According to journalists, after a recent survey he was given intensive therapy.

“StarHit” contacted Alexander V. with the request to comment on the data that was publicized on the Internet. The presenter did not hide that really is experiencing health problems and shared their future plans. According to Belyaeva, he is preparing for a medical intervention. However, the diagnosis of male prefer not to call, making it clear he did not intend to go into detail.

“I’m sick now. Actually, I have a very serious illness. I went through a course of radiation with chemotherapy and surgery. It will be somewhere in autumn, in September,” – said Alexander V. “StarHit”.
Ведущий прогноза погоды Александр Беляев рассказал о тяжелой болезни

Recall that the host has become known for its weather forecasts on TV. Millions of viewers fell in love with the way in which Alexander Belyaev says the latest reports coming out of hydrometcentre of Russia. Fans of men find her very friendly and trusting. By the way, Leonid Parfyonov colleague came up with the nickname “Professor”, although Belyaev never engaged in teaching.

Alexander Belyaev was born in January 1949. After leaving school he entered the geographical faculty of Moscow state University, which graduated from the specialty “Hydrology”. While studying at the University of the future TV star tried his hand in theater.

In the late 70s Belyaev defended his thesis on “integrated Zonal dependence and their use in water-balance mapping”. In the 80s, Alexander V. was one of the first who visited China as part of a scientific delegation.

The first time the man came on TV in 1998. March 23 on NTV channel broadcasted a weather forecast that led Belyaev. Later he combined his work in the air service to the academic Institute of geography, where he rose from engineer to member of the Directorate.

While talking to journalists, Alexander Belyaev once admitted that it is hard enough to work in several places. Despite the fact that the man has a country house, its contents leave a decent amount. Loved ones – beloved wife Nina, an architect and artist by profession, and a grown son Elijah trying to help the master to solve these issues, and to support him in all endeavors.