Нумеролог: «Борис Корчевников скоро женится» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future well-known TV presenter. Specialist recommended Boris Korchevnikov more attentive to their health, and also gave advice, what kind of soulmate he is looking for.
Нумеролог: «Борис Корчевников скоро женится»

The General Director of Orthodox TV channel “Spas” and the presenter of the program “live” today marks 35 years. According to official sources, Boris korchevnikov’s never been married and has no children. Two years ago the man has had a difficult time after surgery to remove a benign brain tumor affecting the auditory nerve. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Korchevnikov and made a prediction on his future.

“Boris was born in “the Day of UPS and downs,” says Clara. His life 2911257 code says that a star characterized by high fly and the low fall – the middle way is not given to him. He is a man of wide soul, not selfish, loves to help others. Korchevnikov carrier of the mark fame, he was not likely to become famous”.

Speaking about the character of the presenter, the numerologist said that he is characterized by great ability and almost always full of energy, but has some difficulties in life.

Нумеролог: «Борис Корчевников скоро женится»“Boris is kind, artistic, liked by all. His overabundance of energy, he who does not need constant presence around him of people he is well and with yourself alone. It is inherent in the spirit of competition, it does not tolerate someone else’s superiority, – he told Clara. –The presenter is lazy, hates physical labor, to ask him to nail a shelf in the bathroom is useless. With Boris at all in everyday life is not easy. Character is too emotional, anger is apt to say the wrong thing, offend. But he has a huge sexual energy, girls his is love. It non-greedy, likes to make gifts.”
Нумеролог: «Борис Корчевников скоро женится»

Making a forecast for the future Korchevnikov, Kuzenbaeva opened his other shortcomings. Clara believes that he is poorly versed in people and not always ready to make concessions.

“Korchevnikov missing intuition. Sometimes too blunt, inflexible and impatient and some people for these traits are afraid of it. But with all his complex nature he always forgive, because he is the minion of fortune – in his program two sevens,” stated numerologist.

As said Clara, born July 20, “very few people”. Numerologist revealed the peculiarities of those who were lucky enough to be born on that date.

“They can decide the destinies of others, sometimes even themselves do not understand. For example, the person who took Korchevnikov money and not given, will always be broke, will turn on him financial success,” – says the woman.

This year, I noticed Kuzenbaeva, Korchevnikov is not necessary to perform any financial transaction. Numerologist warned the host from losing money. “It is not necessary to buy property, cars”, she added.

In addition, Clara gave advice to the host about health. She believes that Korchevnikov should pay more attention to his condition. “The weakest organs – kidney, stomach and pancreas, it is necessary to monitor their condition,” said numerologist.

After a couple of years, according to numerology, Boris korchevnikov will break up with the status of bachelor and have a family.

“At the age of 37 he was waiting for the changes in his personal life, he married and become a father. He needs to look for his patient woman, a little greedy, because the presenter likes to throw money around and he needs someone who will control its costs,” said Clara.