Скончался известный радиопродюсер Илья Ефимов The man died in the 43rd year of life. The sad news was reported by colleagues Ilya Efimov. Many of those who are accustomed to the ethers with his participation, can’t believe what happened. They devote Efimov publications in social networks.
Скончался известный радиопродюсер Илья Ефимов

Wednesday, July 20, died the General producer of Radio Chocolate Ilya Efimov. The man was only 42 years old. The reasons of his death are not specified.

Sad news announced on the official website of the radio station on Facebook.

“Today was not our friend – Ilya Efimov, General producer and host of radio “Chocolate”. He always said: “I was very lucky. I can do what I love to do”. His life was always music,” a post appeared yesterday on social networks.
Скончался известный радиопродюсер Илья Ефимов

Social media users expressed their condolences to the family and loved. They were shocked that he died so early. “Oh…”, “RIP”, “I’m sorry”, “Horror”, “Ilya, thank you for the music and taste that you have carried in this town”, “How”, “You are like family to me for so many years, Bad, when the young leave”, “Unexpectedly” “How so? Loss”, “glided”, “studied Together, was a real friend. To say that I’m shocked means to say nothing,” – commented on the Internet.

Many of the subscribers page of the radio station remembered favorite programs, which the man had a hand. Every Friday Efimov led the transfer “Hit list of the Kingdom”, which told about the most popular and hot new music. “Without him is not the same…” wrote a listener of the radio station. “It will not, likely,” answered the representatives of the Radio Chocolate.

Fellow producer and broadcaster has also supported the Fund “give life”. Workers of the charitable organization apparently collaborated with popular radio and Efimov, advised others to stay.

“Dear friends, please accept my deepest condolences. It’s impossible for words to Express how hard it is to get such news, and certainly not even imagine how hard it is for those who Ilya was a close friend and family man. We are very grateful to Ilya for the help and support. We love you,” said the Fund.

The funeral and farewell to a man on July 21, at 10:30 in the Metropolitan Church of the Resurrection, located near the metro station “Semenovskaya”.

Ilya Efimov worked in radio since 1995. At different times, the man worked for Best FM, Classics, Maximum and DFM. In addition, he was one of the ideologists and the program Director of the “Monte Carlo” and Relax FM. A couple of years ago Yefimov began to engage in teaching – he taught in the School radio.