Анна Седокова поведала о сложном периоде в жизни Ольги Бузовой The singer was supported by TV presenter “House-2”. According to Sedokova, Buzova is a very strong girl, because he can not pay attention to negative comments in his address. Anna said that he would like to have the same loyal fans as Olga.
Анна Седокова поведала о сложном периоде в жизни Ольги Бузовой

A few days ago, the Network was a scandal between Svetlana Loboda and Olga Buzova. Ukrainian actress made unflattering comments against the fans of the TV presenter “House-2”. The girl reacted to the words of the singer, asking her not to criticize the fans, as many of them are listening to the music of both performers. Olga Buzova responded harshly to insults Svetlana Loboda

The dispute has divided colleagues artists into two camps. Anna Sedokova, which is several times crossed paths with Olga at events, decided to stand up for the young star. According to celebrity, Buzova is a very strong girl because she had to work day and night in December when she divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, and close your eyes to negative comments in his address.

“In December I was pregnant but nobody knows yet. You’re skinny as a twig. I clearly remember how you trembled when we took pictures. You said almost the third day without sleep. The day before we were flying in an airplane, and you were already a little different, but still never sleeping with painted tour schedule for the year ahead . Bold and strong. We don’t know who you close. I don’t even have your phone. But I don’t understand how you cope with this hate around. I read the comments just a few posts, and I was not myself. Every second considers it necessary to discuss, to criticize. But the first protects. You see, I go away,” said Anna in a microblog posted a video with a speech of Olga.

In the recording can be seen as the guard holding back the audience that wants to get to the stage and touch the idol. Some users of networking surprised this is the people’s love for Buzova.

“His singing, and it became popular, and people are just jealous. And artists correctly relates to the work of each other. I’m talking about low Loboda saying” “It good! That’s what the guys are doing good with cute girls: make them strong, independent, determined young women!” “Buzova is very copes well with its task, it is a normal song, if you don’t like them – it’s your problem”, – said Sedokova subscribers.

Anna herself admits that she would like to see her as much supported by fans like Olga.

“I’m madly in love with her and is very grateful to her for support, because going through all the hell of divorce and breakups, when you’re down and your heart in bandages, you open your eyes and see that one and alone. I do not want to go further, but suddenly realize that somewhere out there you are waiting for your people, find the strength and go,” explained the singer.