The band “Gorod-312” married

Участники группы «Город-312» обвенчались Musicians Dmitri and Maria Prytula decided to stand in front of the altar after 24 years of marriage. Pictures from the celebration appeared on the official website of the group in the social network. Fans heartily congratulate the spouses.
Участники группы «Город-312» обвенчались

The participants of the band “Gorod-312” Dmitry and Maria Prytula was a joyful event. Keyboardist and guitarist of popular team live together for many years and has a daughter Olivia, but only now realized that I wanted to seal the Union before God.

In the official account in the social network has pictures of the spouse in a wedding dress. Their six-year-old heiress has also appeared at the ceremony in a beautiful white dress.

“Yesterday we with Masha, after 24 years of marriage, finally got married. With us married and our friends Leon and Marina Beznosova. A huge thank you to everyone who made this day unforgettable!” – posted by Dmitry on the page in a social network.

Fans congratulate the couple with a ceremonial event. “How beautiful!”, “You are amazing. Go on, guys, give others your love, warmth and be an example of right relationship in the family! Love”, “What beautiful you are! I wish you happiness!”, “Congratulations, long and happy life to you,” wrote the fans of the band.

As told Dmitry Pritula, he and Maria met in Kyrgyzstan in the early 90s. According to keyboard player, their first meeting was held at the House of culture named after Lenin. A musician rehearsing there as part of the famous Bishkek group “Ayan”, and Maria was engaged in ballroom dancing at a nearby Studio. Gradually, the girl joined the team and before a trip to Moscow even replaced the retired player.

A pair of long ringleader of the children, as they were not allowed work schedule, and the couple wanted that the girl was not deprived of the attention. In 2011 the husband and wife had a daughter Olivia. Maria and Dmitry were told that the staff loves their baby. As soon as she was born, they gave all kinds of gifts and clothes. The girl is also very fond of fellow parents.