The inhabitant of Omsk was fined for insulting Katy Perry

Жителя Омска оштрафовали за оскорбление Кэти Перри

31-year-old Michael Matvienko, a resident of Omsk, Lenin was sentenced in the city court to pay a fine in the amount of three thousand rubles for insulting a famous American singer Katy Perry. The edition “the Russian newspaper” reports that the Prosecutor of the city of Omsk received a letter on behalf of celebrities, in which she accuses a local resident Mikhail Matviyenko that he was “illegal and perverse use of her stage name in the book.”

The statement also indicated that the representatives of Katy Perry, and she learned about the offense from the publisher Pearson TLC. They immediately contacted the author of the book, thus Matvienko, and demanded that he put Katie’s name with his creation, but he refused, and in response, even sent them your naked picture, showing probably his unrestrained imagination.
Earlier, Matviyenko has already insulted and other American celebrities. So, in may of last year on the ohmic suing Britney Spears because of its Amateur film “Comrade,” he rudely responded to her. However, I suspect that neither Britney, and Katie neither sleep nor spirit did not suspect the existence of Matvienko and all claims he prepares himself to receive his portion of glory.