Evgenia Brik told why he refused the understudy in a scene with nudity

Евгения Брик рассказала, почему отказалась от дублерши в сцене с обнажением
The actress admitted that she likes to play characters in naglasena condition.

Евгения Брик рассказала, почему отказалась от дублерши в сцене с обнажением

In the TV series “the Thaw”. 2013

Evgenia Brik starred in three films of her husband, film Director Valery Todorovsky — “Hipsters”, in the “Thaw” and “the Grip”. But these are immediately memorable.

“I liked my characters, they’re vivid. And it’s always more fun to play than just happy love — shared the actress. Tai in “the Vise” — the poor girl, with a difficult childhood. Katya of “Mods” is simply pathetic, she did not understand how can you love that other girl, when there she is such a good, positive, Komsomolskaya Pravda. And Larissa from the “Thaw” does not understand how it was possible four months to live with her, sleep and do not know what kind of coffee she drinks with sugar or not. Yes, they are all in some extent women were rejected, in naglasena state, and it is always fun to play. And if we Valera will be able to work together more, I’ll be happy. It will happen only when it is a role that fits me, in which the husband sees me. As it was with the “Thaw.”

Eugene is not embarrassed that she is being auditioned for the role of the husband, like any other actress.

“I remember what Valerie told me that in the TV series “the Thaw” for me is the role of Larissa, and what to do… sample the way, I really like it. I know people who
it seems that the role needs to say without samples. But to me the most important
to understand how this is my. As for Larissa to “Thaw” — the role
distinguishing, the heroine of mood swings, like the mentally
patient: tears, hysterics, poetry reading, exit naked on the street. Larissa
by nature absolute actress.”

Questions arose only about shooting the scene with nudity. “I immediately asked if I would understudy. “Of course, we all somehow decide,” — said Valera. And I actually asked the understudy. We thought that everything will be as usual: the head is large, and the body separately. But in the process it became clear that the plan needed a whole should be seen the face. Not to say that I easily sat on the bench, but somehow we did…”

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Eugene Brick. In Los Angeles

Photo: Philip Goncharov