The illusionist Ilya Safronov broke his leg during the show

Иллюзионист Илья Сафронов сломал ногу во время шоу The famous magician delivered in one of capital clinics. According to witnesses present at the show Safronov brothers “Lightning”, Ilya injured both legs. How long will it take for the restoration artist, is still unknown.

      The incident occurred Sunday night during the highly anticipated premiere of the show’s famous illusionists brothers Safronov “Lightning” in the concert hall “Crocus city Hall”.

      Filled with magic and wonder, a feast for the spectators was suddenly interrupted by performing a trick, seriously injured one of the artists, Ilya Safronov. According to eyewitnesses, he broke both legs. According to others, the illusionist injured one limb, but the fracture is open. The details of the incident in their microblogs immediately began to share numerous eyewitnesses.

      “Show was fantastic! – wrote one of the users. – Sorry one of the first rooms Ilya Safronov broke both ankles. But guys ran the program, albeit with some hitches. Bravo!”

      Ilya Safronov directly from the concert hall on the ambulance was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky. The show continued in part. On stage were two of three brothers-illusionists – Sergei and Andrei. However, the audience in the hall, apparently, was not disappointed.

      As promised, the show “the flash” was indeed a Grand and fascinating. By the way, it was attended by well-known singer Soso Pavliashvili. He performed a beautiful song, and then went down to the auditorium, where they enjoyed the events on the stage with his wife and daughters.

      In Instagram Ilya Safronov has appeared wishes for a speedy recovery. “Was today at your performance. The brothers are great! I wish you a speedy recovery,” wrote one of the fans of the illusionist.

      By the way, last summer, shots from the subscribers of his microblog scared Sergei Safronov. From the belly of the artist stuck the needle, and Sergei himself left a mixed review to the photo. “Hurried and not able to prepare your favorite trick. Sitting, waiting to be cut,” wrote the artist. After a while Sergey has published another photo he took of the results of the operation, and hastened to reassure the worried fans. “All right! On my body five more stitches! We will live! Prepare a new spectacular show!”, – said the magician. Sergei Safronov underwent a major surgery

      Safronov brothers never cease to amaze fans a diverse program and new tricks. For the first time about their work began in 2002. After they introduced the presenter of the program “What? Where? When?” Boris Hook, the brothers gained popularity from the audience. At different times, they created various TV shows, for example, taught the people the simple tricks, and also worked with many celebrities, helping them to create an unforgettable show.