Liza Arzamasova is unable to communicate with loved ones

Лиза Арзамасова не может связаться с близкими 21-year-old actress is not a joke forced his fans to worry. A few days the girl did not appear in any of the social networks and, thus, left the followers in the dark about what happens to her.

      Elizaveta Arzamasova almost a week not been in touch with the outside world. The young actress did not publish photos in the social network, did not make any posts and did not leave short notes. Members wanted to raise the alarm, but the star “Daddy’s daughters” has yet to be announced. As it turned out, she currently is on vacation in China. Relatives also could not get in contact with Lisa, because she did not any call and messages. In his microblog she revealed the true reasons for the sharp ischeznovenie.

      “Dear, beautiful friends of mine! I’m not lost, not vanished. I have a few days I couldn’t connect with anyone because of being in China. FB and Instagram” here is locked. On these servers can only be accessed using some clever workarounds of the program,” he shared with followers actress.

      Its the Chinese Arzamasova reassured fans and debunked all the myths appeared. She also noted that due to bad cell connection, she can not put all of the pictures. The actress admitted that during this time changed several trains and buses to get to the border with Russia.

      Lisa Arzamasova commented on the rumors about the new novel

      Part fans of Lisa admitted that in China is really tightly controlled all known Internet resources and communities, and it always becomes a problem during travel in Asian country. It turned out that Lisa has an army of fans in China. Some followers thanked her for her participation in the TV series “Daddy’s girls” and even admitted that he was taught the Russian language is in her character.