The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina was found with the alleged sister

Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина встретился с предполагаемой сестрой Timur Eremeev sure that he is the heir of a famous actor. Spartak Mishulin died 12 years ago, but the young man just now decided to claim that the legendary artist is actually his dad.
Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина встретился с предполагаемой сестрой

Actor Timur Eremeev sure, his father was a famous Spartak Mishulin. Despite the fact that the legendary actor passed away 12 years ago, a young man just now decided to reveal this secret and to meet relatives. However, the family Mishulina is configured not so optimistic about the suddenly announced relative. Relatives of the famous actor saying anything, impostor, and filed for him in court. Yeremeyev came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to do a DNA test and find out the truth about my father.

The only daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich Karina said that he read an article in which a young man had called himself the son. She filed a lawsuit to demand a retraction, apology and payment for moral damages.

“I thought it was complete nonsense, – said the actress. – At every word a contradiction.”
Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина встретился с предполагаемой сестрой

Karina explained that her mom was sick after reading the article, but because they are trying to protect the good name of his father. She was outraged that Timur did not come to get to know him, and began to make statements in the press.

Mishulina also criticized the title of the edition of the program “Let them talk”: “a Son or an imposter?” She believes that nobody has the right to even accept the idea that Timur – child Spartak Vasilyevich.

The Studio came Timur himself, who apologized to Karina and her mom. He said he didn’t want to offend them. “I don’t deny his word, I am ready to answer for all his words. Like the story of my life can offend and hurt anyone at all,” said the man.

Внебрачный сын Спартака Мишулина встретился с предполагаемой сестрой

Timur also explained how there was an article in the magazine where he talks about his childhood and the meeting with his father. According to him, this material was assembled by his fine phrases, he once told a reporter.

“Karine or family know anything – explained Timur as aggressive behavior intended sister. – On the one hand I understand her, but was not involved in the reflection for this reason. Moreover, I have not abandoned meetings.”

According to Eremeeva, he met with Spartak Mishulin, when he was six years old. Guests in the Studio did not believe the young man, as Karina since childhood worked in the theater and could not see Timur, who, he said, regularly visited backstage.

Leading talk show Dmitry Borisov emphasized on the fact that this story is too intricate, and therefore only the following program will be announced the DNA results.